french gogo dancer

We aren’t an agence stricly speaking, since we are french gogo dancer ourselves. It’s our strengh : being on the spot, our agence of french gogo dancer is the the best for offering you adapted performances. We regularly update our photos and let you the acces to our facebook, for the sake of transparency.


We are french gogo dancer since neraly 10 years. We dance together since our beginings, so our french gogo dancer ’s show are structured, worked. We are friends in life, being roomate for few years, what allows us to ambiance better the night, because our complicity is felt on stage. Bing our own boss as french gogo dancer, we have a concern for professionalism and we prepare our shows conscientiously. In addition, we have a hygiene of life consistent with our profession of french gogo dancer : we do sport, we eat healthy, without forgetting aesthetic care like hairdesser, laser epilation, ..


We offer a wide range of performances as french gogo dancer :


We propose mainly classical gogo dancing. That is to say the french gogo dancer dance passages in sexy outfit, on a bar or a podium. You decide if the french gogo dancer make a topless passage or not. We have a big experience as french gogo dancer, so weknow how to adapt to all type of party. We covered great events of thousands of people. But we also animated smaller committees. We have a wide range of matching outfits, to suit the requested theme.


Being modern french gogo dancer, we also offer LED ans laser performances. We own a lot of luminous outfits and accessories, whose a complete LED tailored suit, that we adapt according to the demand and the theme of the party. The most asked are the luminous angel, the luminous furs and the luminous Mother Christmas.


Being freng gogo dancer passionated, we also propose other visual show feeriques. Like the Isis Wings show, worked and sexy, advised for classy events. The fans of tissu make a color swirl for original events. We also propose oriental shows with flamboyant costumes and furious belly dance.


Our agence of french gogo dancer also propose sexy pole dancing. Experimented pole dancer, we ares different than the competitors because our show is not purely athletic but charming and sensual. Our concept « sexy pole » is unique in France.

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You can explain your event by mail, so that our agence of french gogo dancer can send you different quotes based on your wishes. A phone appointment is generally necessary to organize at best.

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